Phallus in Wonderland (Judas Bullhorn/Distortion Wells, 1992, USA)

Phallus in Wonderland is a 1992 film produced by the metal group GWAR. Directed by "Distortion Wells" and "Judas Bullhorn," the film is 60 minutes of pure madness. While unlikely to convert those who are not already initiated to the world of GWAR, the film is likely to please fans. One of the most surprising facts about this film is that it was nominated for a Grammy (losing to Annie Lennox). The plot, to the extent that there is one, involves the lead singer of the band - Oderus Urungus - having his member (aka the "cuttlefish") stolen. There is a trial, and GWAR is pursued by members of the "Morality Police."

Whatever semblance of a plot the film started with is shortly abandoned, and the film becomes a litany of grotesqueries, including many memorable and gross scenes. Interspersed throughout the film are music videos from GWAR's America Must Be Destroyed album, including famous cuts like "Have You Seen Me?" The filmmakers and team around GWAR give Troma a run for their money, with an extreme level of creativity on what must have been a minuscule budget. Eventually one has to surrender him or herself to this film and go along with it.

The film is an expression of the backlash against both morality and PC culture at the dawn of the 1990s and the tale end of the first Bush presidency. If this movie and band didn't offend your parents, you were doing something wrong. Still, the band and the film have its tongue placed firmly in its cheek, and none of the things on display are meant to be taken too seriously - not the least of which is the battle with the T-Rex Gor Gor at the end of the film. A fun way to spend 60 minutes. 



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