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Fictitious Anacin Commercial (David Lynch, 1967, USA)

                 Fictitious Anacin Commercial was a film made by David Lynch while he was a student at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. The film features Lynch collaborator and later award-winning production designer Jack Fisk. The film opens on a green field, presumably in Pennsylvania, overlaid wit ominous music. The camera pans over to show a man (Fisk) seated in a chair. The man, who appears to be dressed almost as an Amish figure, is sitting in a rocking chair. He appears to be having a headache. The film cuts rapidly between various shots of Fisk’s character in agony, holding his head in pain.                 The film cuts rapidly between shots of Fisk’s face in distorted expressions, his eyes going in all directions. The film cuts to a shot of a burning fire, which may be Lynch’s first attempt at a visual metaphor. Lynch then transitions to a shot of a bearded man holding a box of Anacin. We return to Fisk’s character seated in the chair, now taking the Anacin with a gla

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