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The Fabelmans (Steven Spielberg, 2022, USA)

The Fabelmans , Steven Spielberg's latest, is the director's most autobiographical work yet. While earlier films such as  E.T.  and  Jurassic Park  often addressed the director's fractured childhood,  The Fabelmans  is the first to tackle that subject head-on. A COVID project, Spielberg wrote the script with now-frequent collaborator Tony Kushner (whose voice seems to come through more in the final act of the film - the high school coming-of-age story). It's a project that will be most satisfactory to those familiar with Spielberg's self-mythology and filmography - it may be less than satisfactory to a general audience. The latest box office returns indicate that it isn't striking a chord with the broader public, although that could change as the Awards season evolves. The film fuses two narratives - young Sam Fabelman (a stand-in for Spielberg) discovering his love for cinema, and the disintegration of his parents' marriage. Michelle Williams gives an un

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