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Dolls (Stuart Gordon, 1986, USA/Italy)

Shot in 1986 but not released until 1987, Stuart Gordon's Dolls marks the horror auteur's third collaboration with Charles Band following Re-Animator and From Beyond . Instead of drawing inspiration from Lovecraft as in the first two films, Dolls , based on a script by science fiction author Ed Naha, draws from The Uses of Enchantment , Bruno Bettelheim's Freudian interpretations of fairy tales (this book also inspired Kubrick's The Shining ). The film centers on six characters who take shelter in a strange house owned by an elderly puppetmaker and his wife. As it turns out, the puppets in the house are not just puppets. Clocking in at a mere 77 minutes, Dolls moves at a very quick pace. We are introduced to our protagonist Judy Bower, a young girl traveling the English countryside with her father and stepmother. As portrayed by Ian Patrick Williams and Carolyn Purdy-Gordon, these are the quintessential evil 80s parents. They take refuge at the puppetmaker's h

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