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Immaculate (Paul Mohan, 2024, Italy/USA)

Immaculate  is the latest collaboration between actress Sidney Sweeney and director Michael Mohan after the 2021 erotic thriller  The Voyeurs . Sweeney, who is no stranger to horror (one of her first roles was in John Carpenter's 2010 film  The Ward ) also served as co-producer on  Immaculate . The film takes on familiar tropes of religious horror, and stars Sweeney as an American nun named Cecilia who is recruited to join a convent in Italy by Father Sal Tedeschi (Alvaro Morte). Quickly it becomes apparent that not all is as it seems at the convent, and this chapter of the film bears resemblance to the ballet school of Argento's  Suspiria . These strange happenings come to a head when Cecilia finds herself pregnant with a "virgin" birth. From this point on, the story bears many echoes of  Rosemary's Baby . Increasingly, it seems that Cecilia is under lock and key. Benedetta Porcaroli, the Italian actress featured on the Netflix series  Baby , plays another nun w

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