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Children of the Corn (Donald P. Borchers, 2009, USA)

Children of the Corn  (2009) is the third adaptation of Stephen King's 1977 short story, following 1983's short film  Disciples of the Crow  and Fritz Kiersch's 1984 film adaptation. The film was directed, written, and produced by Donald P. Borchers, the original producer of the 1984 version. Believing that version to be flawed, Borchers eyed adapting King's original story more faithfully. King even gets a co-writer credit on the screenplay, although it is clear that he was not involved here. Originally intended for theatrical release, the resulting film ultimately premiered in an edited version on the Syfy network.  Children of the Corn  is the most faithful version of King's story - large segments of dialogue are taken directly from the story. As with most King works, however, more faithful does not always mean better. In contrast to the rather normal relationship between Peter Horton and Linda Hamilton's couple in the original film, Borchers' couple is

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