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Fictitious Anacin Commercial (David Lynch, 1967, USA)

Head with Hammer (David Lynch, 2001, USA)

Bees (David Lynch, 2002, USA)

Mass (Fran Kranz, 2021, USA)

Pierre and Sonny Jim (David Lynch, 2001, USA)

The Pig Walks (David Lynch, 2002, USA)

Coyote (David Lynch, 2002, USA)

Sailing with Bushnell Keeler (David Lynch, 1967, USA)

Absurd Encounter with Fear (David Lynch, 1967, USA)

I Touch a Red Button (David Lynch, 2011, USA)

Premonition Following an Evil Deed (David Lynch, 1995, USA)

The Disc of Sorrow Is Installed (David Lynch, 2002, USA)

The Toll of the Sea (Chester M. Franklin, 1922, USA)

Parallel Mothers (Pedro Almodovar, 2021, Spain/France)

Blue Green (David Lynch, 2007, USA)