Bug Crawls (David Lynch, 2008, USA)

The Bug Crawls is a 2008 short film by David Lynch. The film opens with the image of a house in a desolate landscape. There's smoke coming out of the chimney of the house. The film, like many of Lynch's shorts, is in black and white. A blimp in silhouette appears in the top left-hand corner of the screen, slowly moving across the gray sky. Meanwhile, the titular "bug" appears in the lower bottom right corner of the screen. We hear its crackling feet as it slowly moves toward the house in the bottom right corner. Lightning strikes. The bug's legs almost have the sound of a fire burning. The animated bug approaches the house. Meanwhile, a low droning ambient music sounds in the background, akin to what Lynch has done with his collaborator Dean Hurley. 

The bug crawls up the side of the house and approaches the top, moving slowly. There is something hypnotic about the animated bug, its legs seeming to flow in slow motion as it approaches the top of the house. Meanwhile, the blimp continues to pass along in the background, and lightning strikes. The bug reaches the top of the house and crawls past the house's chimney. There is more thunder and lightning and the bug begins to make its descent down the left side of the house. The big surprise of the film is that the bug falls off the side of the house as it is making its descent. It falls onto its back and wiggles its legs in the air. Lynch then cuts to a close-up of the bug struggling with its legs in the air. The camera pans slowly to the right, away from the bug. A door to the house opens, showing a flashing light with an electrical sound. The camera zooms in on the doorway and the film ends. 



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