Children of the Corn: Revelation (Guy Magar, 2001, Canada)

Children of the Corn: Revelation is the seventh installment in the Children of the Corn franchise, and the last before an extended hiatus. The film centers on Jamie Lowell (Claudette Mink), a young woman returning to her hometown of Omaha, Nebraska to check on her grandmother, who hasn't been answering her phone calls. When she arrives, she discovers that her grandmother is missing and that the building is about to be evicted. The local detective is of no help, so Jamie begins hanging out in the building to find out more. She finds corn (and tomatoes?) growing in the basement.

She encounters the various tenants of the apartment complex, including the building manager, a stripper, and a crazy old man. All of them are dispatched by the ghostly children. The only true name in the cast is Michael Ironside, best known for films like Top Gun and Total Recall. He plays a priest, who at first we think might be a bad character, but only appears in two scenes - mainly warning Jamie about "He Who Walks Behind the Rows." The finale of the film features some truly abysmal CGI with killer corn and a giant explosion. 

While Children of the Corn: Revelation is marginally better than Children of the Corn 666: Isaac's Return, this is mostly because the plot is at least somewhat comprehensible. Maybe the best thing about Revelation is the nods to The Shining's Grady Twins, as two of the corn children resemble the twins from Kubrick's classic film. Aside from this, there is not much to recommend here. It is not surprising that this marked a partial end to the franchise, as it seems quite exhausted overall at this point. It would take about another ten years for the franchise to be rebooted once again.



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