Darkness/Light/Darkness (Jan Svankmajer, 1989, Czechoslovakia)

Darkness/Light/Darkness is a 1989 short by renowned Czech animator Jan Svankmajer. The film opens with a hand entering a room, and flipping a light switch on. The clay hand slowly crosses the room and approaches another door. Upon opening that door, eyeballs fall out of the room. The eyeballs become attached to the two fingers of the hand, and the hand begins to look around the room. The door opens and another dismembered hand enters the room. A pair of ears, flying like a butterfly, approach the window and then enters. 

One hand grabs the ears and pulls them apart. The ears are then stuck to both sides of one of the hands. The door opens again, and a disembodied nose enters the room. The two hands, who are now communicating, pull the nose into the room with some struggle. The nose, as it turns out, is attached to a full head, which rolls into the room. The two hands examine the head, and then affix the ears to the head, along with the eyes. A tongue - which looks to be a real tongue, along with a pair of what appears to be real teeth, enters the mouth of the clay figure.

Finally, what appears to be a real brain enters the room and inserts itself into the man's head. The man is now complete, set atop the two hands. But that's not all! Two legs enter the room, at first swishing the man's head. The miniature man is now assembled. The room begins to shake and all of the limbs try to block the door from an intruder. We see that the intruder, on which one of the hands has splashed water, is a penis. An avalanche of clay enters the room, out of which is sculpted the remainder of the man. 



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