Fire (PoZar) (David Lynch, 2020, USA)

David Lynch's short film Fire (Pozar) opens with what appears to be an archway. A clicking and percussive soundtrack play in the background, as a distorted and granular image comes into view. This granular image transitions to animation - a grotesque figure with long arms lighting a fire. Violins and strings well in an unsettling way as the image turns into a negative of itself - the lit match continuing to move. This image then transitions to what appears to be a landscape with a house and a tree, in silhouette. This image then transitions to a close-up of the tree. The whole time the image is shaking as if someone is holding it in their and. We then transition to the house.

Sun appears in the sky and the strings swell again and then fade to a light plucking. A disturbing-looking worm with a skull-like head pops through the sun in the sky and floats across the screen, its shadow against the image behind it. The creepy worm keeps floating, and then dark hands pop out through its cavernous eyes, as the worm-like figure continues to float around. The hands then sprout floating eyes, which dance around the screen as well. A ton of black circular objects fall from the sky and the camera shakes crazily. The house and farm burst into white flames. A texture appears over the screen, rendering the screen behind it almost an eyeball. We back out and it indeed appears we are seeing some kind of face. The face then morphs into another haunting face with black eyes and mouth. Silhouetted black hands appear to cover the crying eyes. Woodland-type creatures begin dancing across the screen. The film fades to black as these woodland-type creatures continue to dance across the screen, concluding David Lynch's best animated short. 



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