Dream #7 (David Lynch, 2010, USA)

42 One Dream Rush is a collection of experimental films released in 2010. The film compiles dream-inspired works from directors as varied as Kenneth Anger, Leos Carax, Harmony Korine, and many others. The film was financed by a beverage company and Beijing Film Studios. In typical Lynch fashion, Dream #7 opens with a curtain - a staple of many of Lynch's long-form works. The film is in black and white. A floating white hand with an eyeball on the palm comes into view and floats across the curtain. Then a white egg manifests, hovering in front of the curtain. The egg cracks open, revealing some kind of tiny creature inside. 

Light shoots from the crack in the egg and the creature disappear. We get what appears to be white smoke inside of the egg. The eye that we saw previously on the floating hand now appears on the egg, above the crack. The film then cuts and the egg appears different now, this time with an open mouth on it. The mouth is an opening toward blackness. Shadows dance around the egg as it moves back in the image. Then the top of the egg cracks and pops off. Out of the top of the eggs floats a hovering golden orb with something bright and shiny inside. The film ends. The film echoes the surrealist works of Rene Magritte. Some of the ideas in this short would later appear in somewhat different forms in Lynch's Showtime series Twin Peaks: The Return. The film certainly lives up to the feeling of a dream state. It is perhaps one of the most classically surrealist Lynch films, in that it recalls a lot of the works of the great surrealist painters. For this reason, it is worth checking out even for casual Lynch fans.



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