Pierre and Sonny Jim (David Lynch, 2001, USA)

Pierre and Sonny Jim (2001) is yet another web short David Lynch made in the wake of 2001's Mulholland Drive. If there was one film to explain Lynch's sense of humor and his absurdist streak, it would be Pierre and Sonny Jim. The premise is simple on its surface. Two inflated latex hand gloves serve as puppets in the film. They are both outfitted with shirts and seem to be living on a farm. Their heads bobble around with air, to what has to be one of the most annoying soundtracks ever put to film. The squeals, wails, whistles, and farting sounds are ever constant and were made legitimately via the sound of air escaping the latex gloves. The sound oddly fits the imagery quite well, as we could imagine these puppets making these noises.

By the first minute, the film will certainly have alienated every potential viewer. The soundtrack is so annoying that it is hard to put to words. The film however does have a plot of sorts. Eventually, the character in the white shirt shrinks and collapses off the screen. Meanwhile, the character in the plaid shirt also seems to collapse down. 

What is Pierre and Sonny Jim about? It's hard to say. This is a film that is probably David Lynch's purest "shitpost" in the parlance of Internet terminology. He knew that Lynch completists like our website would watch this film and try to determine some meaning from it. While there may be some grander metaphor at work in Pierre and Sonny Jim, it is probably best viewed as a 2-minute joke. While we did not find the film particularly funny, it certainly has a sense of humor. However, we do not recommend this film to anyone other than true Lynch completists. It is an endurance test.



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