The Worst Person in the World (Joachim Trier, 2021, Norway/France/Sweden/Denmark)

The Worst Person in the World is the latest film by Norwegian auteur Joachim Trier. The film represents the final entry in the "Oslo Trilogy" - starting with Reprise and continuing with Oslo, August 31st. While Trier has ventured into English-language filmmaking with Louder than Bombs and genre filmmaking with Thelma, his Oslo trilogy is his most acclaimed work. Worst Person is by far his most acclaimed film thus far and represents a break from his more depressing prior films. The film is about as close to a romantic comedy as a Norwegian film can be, and references plenty of past romantic comedies including Annie Hall and The Graduate.

The film tells the story of Julie, a young woman in Oslo who is attempting to find herself. She is drifting through her career and life until she meets Aksel, a comic book artist who is over 10 years her senior. This is an intellectually fulfilling relationship but it leaves her wanting something more - enter Eivind. Eivind is a young man who is something of a blank slate, and Julie projects what she wants from him. However, this relationship ultimately goes sour. Beyond the excellent performances, the style of the film makes Trier's work interesting. The film is divided into 12 chapters. The chapters are not united by any specific length, and some do not even focus on Julie. There are also several "set pieces" in the film, including a prolonged fantasy sequence where the world around Julie freezes as she goes to meet with Eivind on a date. There is also a mushroom trip sequence that is truly memorable. The film's soundtrack is great - fitting and very eclectic in all the right places. Worst Person is a joy to watch and certainly deserving of all the accolades it is receiving. 



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