The Mummy's Curse (Leslie Goodwins, 1944, USA)

The Mummy's Curse, directed by Leslie Goodwins and written by Bernard Schubert, is the fifth entry into original Mummy franchise and marks the last time Lon Chaney, Jr. would play the famous mummy Kharis. In contrast to The Mummy's Ghost, with its New England setting, this film takes place in a Cajun bayou setting. This element gives the film an interesting appeal. Strangely, according to the chronology of the original films, The Mummy's Curse would have to be set in the 1990s. 

The film involves two museum representations - Dr. James Hlasey (Dennis Moore) and Dr. Ilzor Zandaab (Peter Coe) - arriving at a swamp to search for missing mummies. A workman is murdered. Eventually, the mummy of Ananka (Virginia Christine) arises from the swamp and enters society. This causes Kharis to go looking for Ananka. 

The film works - for one reason - the idea of the mummy going through the swamp. This adds a cool factor that makes the entire film worth watching. The problem is that by this point in the series, the films were beginning to repeat the same storyline. Again, Kharis is attempting to find a bride. Again, bystanders are getting in the way of its attempt. Unfortunately, this repetitiveness begins to wear thin at this point in the series, and it is clear that Universal was also aware of the repetitiveness of the series at this point. Thankfully the setting makes up for the repetitiveness somewhat. The film does move very well in terms of pacing. The sequence of Princess Ananka arising from the swamp and turning into a human is one of the most interesting moments in the mummy series. Virginia Christine's performance as Princess Ananka is one of the more memorable moments in the Mummy franchise, and for that, this film deserves to be watched.



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